The Frail Care Department have 26 beds of which 1 is in the Emergency room. The Sun- and Dining room has been enlarged and a indoor “braai” has been added to help improve the residents quality of living. Four bedrooms have their own bathrooms which can be bought by right-of-occupation. The amounts vary from R230 000 to R275 000. The residents still have to pay the monthly costs of the frail care.7

We are very proud of the high standard of quality service in our Frail Care Department. Because our Frail Care Department isn’t very big, every person can receive a great deal of personal care and we can easily create a more homely atmosphere. We maintain extremely high standards of quality in regards to hygiene and general cleanliness.

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EQUIPMENT per month   TAX included
WHEELCHAIR (R20 per day)  R        200.00  R              230.00
* Please note:  R200 deposit must be paid  
COMMODES  R          56.52  R                65.00
WALKING RING  R          39.13  R                45.00
CRUTCHES  R          34.78  R                40.00
BEDPANS  R          30.43  R                35.00
TOILET SEAT  R          56.52  R                65.00
URINE BOTTLE  R          26.09  R                30.00
HOSPITAL BED          Â½ month or weekend  R        243.18  R            280.00
AIR RING  R          30.43  R                35.00
SHEEP SKIN  R          52.17  R                60.00
TRI-WHEELER  R          56.52  R                65.00
BATHING CHAIR  R          39.30  R                45.00
EGGBOX-MATTRESS  R          134.78  R              155.00
AIR MATTRESS    Not available  
NORMAL MATTRESS  R         56.52  R                65.00
TARIFF: SICK BAY (from 1 April 2020)
Entry fee  R 1 200 (Residents)
Entry fee  R3 600  (non residents)
Double Room  R 12 960
Single Room  R 13 960